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It all started with a Tropicana Orange Juice Carton.

As a 7th grader in middle school, I began to think about the world around me and whether or not I was doing anything to make my foot print a bit smaller. At the time, Tropicana Orange Juice was in the middle of a campaign called “Rescue the Rain Forest” where each carton had a code and if you entered that code into their website, you would save 100 sq feet of the rain forest in your name. I had been doing this for months when I started to think of all of the teens at my school and wonder if they too were entering in the codes or just throwing the cartons away. I decided not to leave it to fate and asked my science teacher if there was a way I could ask the entire school to bring in their cartons. I would then enter all of the codes in myself and put them under our schools name. Unfortunately I was told that it was too late in the school year to get something like that started, and was told to try again in the fall. So, my first semester of 8th grade I marched back into my science teachers room and got the program started. I will say that lugging 3 trash bags full of orange juice cartons on the the bus each week was definitely challenging, but in the end my school saved a pretty big portion of the rainforest in our name, which was definitely worth it. The experience then made me wonder again, can we do more? Are there people like me already doing more? After spending hours on Youtube and Google I soon found out that kids my age were doing a lot more than I thought. Some were already impacting change worldwide. I decided that I wanted to share their stories with the hope that it may inspire and encourage other teens to use their voice and take action to make a positive difference.

Lexi Noell


A senior at Redford University majoring in Communications and Public Relations.

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