Stories about teens from around the world impacting their communities in a positive way

Engage, Encourage, Empower

Engage, Encourage, Empower

Inspiring teens to realize the power of their own voice and to take action that makes a positive difference in their community and the world around them.


Teens With A Cause!

Teenagers sometimes get a bad rep. But what many people fail to recognize is that teens often use their own voice and determination to make great things happen throughout their communities and around the world. Check out some interviews and stories of some inspiring teens and the causes they care about.

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Celebrity Cause Update

Celebrities are not often portrayed by the media in the most positive light even though many of them use their influence to shed light on some really awesome causes of their own. Check out Celebrity Cause Update to see what celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Pauly D are doing to better the world around them.

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Interesting Extras

Here you will find extra interviews, articles and videos about other interesting causes around the world.

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Cause:(kôz)noun- a principle, ideal, goal, or movement to which a person or group is dedicated.



Get Up And GoTeenGo!

Is there a cause that you want to spread the word about? Or do you have an amazing teen that we should interview and share their story? Send me a message.